What’s your life admin personality type?

Have you ever thought about what life admin personality type you are? When it comes to mundane but essential organisational tasks, can you give yourself a pat on the back for being ultra-efficient? It’s worth thinking about because how we perceive our capabilities may be very different from the reality!

Do you tend to bite off more than you can chew, well-intended and attempting completion of tasks on your to-do list but often falling short or failing to complete tasks in time? If so, you certainly fall into the ‘wishful thinker’ trait set. Or perhaps you adopt an ‘I’ll do it later’ approach to tasks; living in the moment and completely avoiding life admin, tending to run late, lack motivation or structure, resulting in poor organisation– if so, your personality type is consistent with that of a ‘procrastinator’.

Possessing strong time management and organisational skills, using to-do lists, ordering priorities and achieving – the ‘forward thinker’ is very capable and effective.

Whatever personality trait applies to you, the good news is – we’re forward thinkers so you’re in capable hands!

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